The Phantom Gecko

Beautiful, Healthy Geckos and supplies

Here are photos of each pairing of crested geckos that we currently have. More will be added as photos are taken. Thanks for looking!

Apollo, Estelle, Venus, and Mars

Estelle: Unknown Lineage, purchased mid 2013 at a Chattanooga Repticon. Produced my first crested geckos and is still breeding for me today.

Apollo: Produced by me out of Estelle x Unknown. Has been nothing but wonderful in owning and breeding. Produces healthy, beautiful phantom pinstripe children when paired with Mars.

Venus: Produced by Red Sky Geckos, produces beautiful red offspring for me on a regular basis.

Mars: Produced by The Gourmet Rodent. Blood red as a juvenile but has mellowed out to a nice brick red color in his age. Has a lovely crowned crest rather than the usual droopy crest that most cresteds have.

Marble and Granite

Marble: Produced by Great Lakes Geckos, partial dalmation harlequin.

Granite: Produced by Pangea Reptile, tricolor

This pairing produces exceptional halloweens, tricolors and everything in between. Here and here are two their babies they produced in 2016 showing off some amazing colors.