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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Contact Information: Contact us through Facebook or email at For urgent requests or to confirm that your gecko has arrived safely Facebook Messenger will receive the fastest response. 

Payment: We accept payment through Square trade which is available through the website unless otherwise specified for payments plans. All payments must clear before your gecko will be shipped. 

Payment Plans: Payment plans are offered on purchases of $100 or more. We offer a 25% down non-refundable deposit to hold a gecko, which means it will be removed from the market as a pending sale. Full payment must be made within the agreed upon time before the gecko will be shipped. If you fail to make all of the payments or are late on payments the purchase will be forfeit and we will put the gecko back on the market. 

Shipping: We ship overnight with Reptiles2You and ShipYourReptiles to the address provided after full payment has been received. All shipments are a flat rate of $50. We will contact you with the number provided at payment and agree to a day to ship which would work best for you. We only ship live animals when day and nighttime temperatures are between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the entire shipping process. We may hold a gecko due to weather concerns at our discretion. You will be notified if there will be any delays due to weather. You will be asked to notify us within an hour of arrival that the animal has made it to you. 

Guarantee: All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy. We guarantee to replace or provide credit towards another animal if the animal is dead on arrival or injured. If there is something wrong with the animal upon arrival we will require photographic evidence within 24 hours of receiving the animal to begin the guarantee process. Failure to contact us within the hour of arrival either by message or phone call, will void our guarantee. We are not responsible for animals left in cars, on porch steps or in other unsafe conditions. 

Geckos purchased online also come with a one week health guarantee. Geckos purchased at shows are considered "as is" and do not come with a warranty because they have been inspected prior to the purchase. If an illness or other problem arise with your gecko within the first week we ask that you contact us immediately so that we can assist you with the animal and/or replace it at our discretion. Failure to contact us within the appointed time will void any guarantee. Failure to seek veterinary attention from an exotic specialist should the situation require it will also void any guarantee. 

Photos are as accurate to gecko color as possible. We do not touch the photos up beyond cropping.

Exclusions to the Guarantee: All exclusions to the guarantee that will void your warranty are as follows: death due to heat exhaustion, improper diet and hydration, improper humidity or temperatures, tail loss, and accidents. Heat exhaustion can occur at any temperature above 80 and often results in a fatality and is not covered under your guarantee. We recommend Pangea Fruit Mix Complete Gecko Diet and domestic roaches/crickets/mealworms dusted with calcium with D3 or Rep-cal Herptivite Multivitamin (with beta carotene).  Feeder insects must be sized properly so the gecko does not choke. The insect must be small enough that it will fit between the gecko’s eyes (and so down its throat). Insects should be purchased captive bred from a reliable feeder source to minimize the possibility of parasites and other issues. Spiders and other venomous insects or insects found in one's home or outside are not appropriate prey for the gecko. Geckos require access to water daily. Husbandry requirements such as temperature and humidity are described in more detail in Care sheets. Be sure to read over specifications for your species prior to purchase as failure to properly care for your animal will void the warranty. Tail loss may occur due to stress but has no impact on the animal health-wise nor does it affect breeding ability. Accidents that occur due to injury are not covered in the health guarantee. Injuries can include but are not limited to: geckos jumping from greater that 5 feet and/or landing on a hard or sharp surface, cat/dog/other animal attacks, children rough-housing, burns, getting caught in the enclosure door, choking on feeder insects, or injuries from cage-mates. 

Gender: We sex each gecko to the best of our ability using a loupe at 60x magnification. We do not guarantee sex below 20 grams. 

By ordering an animal from us you are agreeing to this policy.